Release Your Shame
Heal Your Family

You're an awakened woman, a mother, an entrepreneur.
You've got a TON on your plate all the time.  

I'm here to make your spiritual work simpler,
by providing tools and skills that really work,
to take you from triggered, to radically loving with your kids,
even around the topics that drive you the most crazy.  

I believe that if we can empower mothers
to be Picky As Fuck
about how they live their lives,

then there is no way they will tolerate
the kind of behaviors that create abuse.  

Not from their partners,
not from their kids,
not from the government,
and most importantly, not from themselves.

When we raise a generation free of shame and guilt. 

They will be unstoppable

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As A Mother
YOU have the power 
to End ABUSE Completely 

Meet Elena Harder

Hey! I'm SO glad you made it here!  

My mission is to end abuse in our generation, by empowering conscious mothers to heal their families.

Let's face it, we have a BIG problem here on earth and you can't personally solve ALL the problems, but you can solve YOURSELF and your family, so that you aren't part of the problem, and your kids are empowered to be part of the solution.

"Healing your family takes massive courage, and comes with challenges we never expect." ~ Elena Harder

I first felt the call to help families when I started my own conscious mom journey, as I began my design career as a struggling single mom looking for a way to escape soul destroying dead end.  In 2009 I took the plunge, self-trained in a new skill (web and marketing) and left my deadbeat baby-daddy and transformed my life into something most people only dream of, living abroad as a #NomadMama.  

With a backpack, a big dream, and a lot more hope than realism, my son Alex and I said "goodbye winter, hello dream life!" and we hopped on a plane to go spend months living on the beach in Mexico.  Over the next 6 years we traveled to Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Spain, and Morocco while I kept busy (maybe too busy for a few years there) supporting over 140 Authors, Coaches, Speakers and LightWorkers to launch their soul's purpose.

Along the way, I saw that many of the women I worked with were also conscious moms who struggled with some form of self sabotage, including staying in abusive relationships, sexual trauma, anxiety or depression, "harmless" substance abuse, like *ahem*, coffee, sugar, wheat, dairy.. if you feel ashamed reading this sentence, you need to book a call with me so we can fix that ASAP and get you fully functioning in your life!! Just saying!) 

Oh did I mention over eating and adrenal fatigue?

I suffered through these and many more of my own challenges (check out the book) and I know better than most what its like to have a big dream, take the risk, fall on your face, realize there are DEEPER REASONS for the falling on your face, find the courage to try again, make serious changes from within, and reap the rewards.  

I love supporting conscious moms gain the skills they need to truly:
set healthy boundaries,
feel comfortable authentically expressing,
bust through self sabotage,
properly nourish their kids
and heal their families.

The result is even more balanced lifestyles and profitable businesses that have allowed dozens of people like you to live life completely on their terms, all while serving the evolution of a better humanity.

Worried About Your Stress Levels?

I am too! It's no good if you're burnt out and stressed.

Which is why I have opened up a limited number of complimentary 30 minute calls, together we will figure out where shame has kept you stuck, so we can bust through that block and re-program your conscious and subconscious mind for success!

Dear Mama,

Sometimes life feels overwhelming, and you just need a pick me up.  These love letters started as just that, in my worst of days, writing to myself little affirmations and supports.  

Dear Mama, It’s done, and so it is. Now breathe, take care of yourself and say a huge hello to your new life. #eh

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Dear Mama, Today marks the first day of NEW. Get ready to Rock N Roll Life. Today. Sing, giggle, laugh and be you, as if NO one is watching. #eh

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Dear Mama, Travelling through time and space to see you. Waiting, living, wanting to hear, see and feel you. You have about 17x more fans than you think you do.  😉 We counted yesterday, it was a big number. #eh

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Dear Mama, The tears that course down my cheeks, are gasms of love, flowing freely from all the places in my heart that were closed to you. Now, in naked vulnerability, I open to you beloved. #eh

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Dear Mama, In order to really share, you need to get out of the habit of hiding, and realize they already see you, and already love you. We’re looking forward to seeing what you look like when you rally shine. #eh

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Dear Mama, Release your fears. They are the only thing holding you back. #eh

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Worried About Your Family?

We need every conscious mothers to be walking her talk. 

Which is why I am opening up a limited number of complimentary 30 minute calls with me, together we will figure out where your shame has kept you stuck in past patterns, so we can bust through that block and re-program your conscious and subconscious mind for success!

Can You ACTUALLY BE Better As a Mom

Check out these simple and powerful interviews, articles, and body hacks to do just that.

Your Family Needs Healing. Only You Can Provide It!

Spend just 14 minutes this week on your 7 Days of LOVE project.  You'll give yourself and your family a foundation for self esteem, healthy relationships, and deep self love.