Can I Sauna While Pregnant?

By  Elena

I love sauna and supposedly you’re not supposed to do it while Pregnant (along while a whole bunch of other fun/yummy things).

But I really wanted to keep using the Sauna because… well it’s kind of addictive, it makes winter way up north managable, and it’s a great way to get a detoxing sweat on without having to do much work (other than gather firewood, and do the towel laundry)

Mainstream media says it’s dangerous, but 99% of North American people don’t actually sauna much anyways. So I decided to dive into the research and see what was going on amongst populations that actually sauna as part of their culture.. The Finnish, Sweedish and Russians.


The Finnish have some of the highest fertility rates in the world, putting a kybosh on the theory that the heat of sauna causes lower sperm motility in men.

The sauna was also a traditional Finnish birthing place, because it was often the cleanest and most sterile room in the house.

Here are some of articles I’ve referenced in dedicing that it is okay to sauna while preganant

So I decided to dive into the research and see what was real.  Here are some of articles I’ve referenced in deciding that it is okay to sauna while preganant.






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