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Tamara Ward on Self Love

By  ElenaHarder

JoyGasm is asking Conscious Leaders to share their practices of Self Love​ that help them stay strong, focused and powerful as they champion their mission to change the world. 

If you only had 10 minutes a day for Self Care, what would you DO?

Elena HarderJoyGasm Founder and Self Love Expert

The "Feeling when you get there" is totally true.  I love Tamara's truth and reality that it's not always easy to find that space, but we all uniquely know what gets us there.  From there, enjoy the journey, and thank her later!  I've had the pleasure of getting to know Tamara in person and her wit never ceases to amuse and amaze me.  

What is your take on self-love? Why is it important, and what's the most powerful way you've found to do it?

Self love is where one values themselves enough to make themselves a priority in their own life. Fill your cup so you have something to offer others. The best way to do it is to first evaluate what they need most in their life to put them in motion to achieving it.

Boundary setting, self nurture time, removing the fear of change, and “control” often comes up, so redirecting their awareness to controlling their response rather than trying to control the situation supports them in that.

What is your biggest struggle in your relationships right now?

Not having a romantic relationship for five years, I’m deferring to my “friend” experiences.

My personal relationships struggle when I over extend myself for my friend and then feel resentful when (I feel) its not appreciated or reciprocated.

How has that changed since you started learning about self-love?

Self love has taught that if I’ve made the choice to extend myself for my friend, then I honor that. I honor my choice and my actions as a result. I love myself enough to not focus on how they respond, rather I accept my role and my choices

What's the most important skill you've learned to help you deal with the challenges of being in relationships?

Boundaries & compassion

What has been the biggest unexpected challenge you've had in creating your great work in the world?

I’m finding that people love to talk about their misery, explore it and analyze it, but very few want to do something about it, nor pay for the support in doing it.

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