What does it take to have your your wildest dreams come true?

What does it take to have your your wildest dreams come true? Clarity, persistence, bravery, patience, and aligning with the power of joygasmic syncro-destiny. I had wanted to go to Afest since I heard about it. In 2015 I got my courage together and applied. They kindly said I wasn’t afest material. I was sad.

Later I traveled from my “home” in Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur on trip to renew my travel visa. I figured while I was there I would visit the headquarters of MindValley anyways. <clarity> They were one of my hero companies. A personal development & marketing company I had been following for years.

I under-prepared for my drive from Ubud to the airport and was 30 minutes late by the time I got to the gate. I remember running as fast as I could down long empty hallways. The plane was also late and I arrived as they were boarding. <syncro-destiny>

I got off the plane in Kuala Lumpur not actually knowing where Mindvalley was. No problem. I google mapped the building location and when I got there (after missing my train stop, and reading the map incorrectly) <persistence> I was dismayed to not find a giant sign at street level saying “Mindvalley”. lol

I stood in the street, wondering how I would find them. <patience>

I located a blonde lady who I guessed was likely being an employee and asking her if she worked there. I told her I wanted to visit and express my gratitude for their work, but that I wasn’t able to figure out which building it was in. <bravery> She said told me which tower, and the floor number. YES!

I did not have an appointment, but I said yes when the impressive front desk security asked if I did, praying they wouldn’t actually check. I reluctantly handed my passport to them as ID collateral for entering the building. <bravery>

I made my way to the correct floor and I arrived at a glass door that had the words “Mindvalley > Push humanity forward” on it. I had arrived.

I could see through the glass the inside of the office but I knew that MY thumb was not going to unlock that high tech door! There was a human on the other side.

I knocked on the glass and for the second time that day said “I really love the work you guys do, and I would love to say thank you to your employees!” <bravery> He looked at me like I was a bit crazy, and said, “tours are on Friday, you can book a time to come back tomorrow.” This did not deter me. “I have a return flight to Bali in about 8 hours, so tomorrow won’t work. Maybe I could just SIT in the front office and soak up the vibe?”

He told me I could sit there while he checked with someone else. Another lady came back and very coldly said “No, why don’t you go check out the local museum or butterfly park” and walked me out the door.

I knew there was NO WAY I was bluffing my way past that bottom floor security guard twice today. Or past that stern lady. I had 8 more hours to spend before my flight and I wasn’t ready to go yet.

So I sat on the floor just outside the office where the stern woman couldn’t see me. I cried a little bit about how much being rejected made me feel unworthy of actually having my dream, but then found my way back to being giddy with joy for being so close! <patience>

As people exited the office I babbled joyfully at them. <persistence> “Thank you so much for working at Mindvalley, your work has changed my life!” Several looked surprised and said you are welcome and then continued on to lunch.

The fourth employee stopped and asked what I needed. After talking for a while he invited me into the office saying he just needed to finish something up and then he could give me a full tour. I sat in the lobby waiting for him and Vishen walked through the room. <syncro-destiny>

I stopped him <bravery!> and said “excuse me, but you’re my hero, and your company had changed my life” and asked I could give him a hug. He said yes.

After the hug I quickly said “I have a return flight in about 7 hours, I was wondering if I could spend the time in your lobby just soaking up the vibe. I won’t bother anyone.” He made a quick calculation and said YES, and I knew I was in!

Later I got to say to the lady who had turned me down “Vishen said I could stay!” I felt like I was about 5 years old snobbing my nose at her. lol <karma>

I spent 5 hours in the lobby of the office chatting with people as they walked in/out. I also made some contacts within the company, got a full tour and had lunch with the woman I had applied for a job under. She picked my brain about how their marketing landed in “their ideal client” ME! I asked her what working there was like, and realized I really didn’t want to work for them anyways (big city, long hours, highrise living, pollution to name a few).

On the way through the train station on the way back to the airport a few of the humans who worked at the office stopped me because they thought I might be hungry and had bought me a fruit cup and were bringing it back to me. <syncro-destiny>

I met up with friends from Bali waiting for the plane. Back in Bali I realized I had LOST my motorbike key in Malaysia!!! OMFG. I sat in the bathroom and cried my eyes out. I felt SO stupid. I knew there had to be a way through. I had just had such an incredible day, and seen what persistence and patience could do.

I was already back in Bali, and no clue where my key was in Malaysia. I used body language and mimed to the parking attendant that I had lost my key. He handed me a box of lost keys and after a few tries I found one that worked in my bike.

Without a map and short on gas, I prayed, cried and laughed my way home saying prayers to Ganesh for removing my obstacles! I felt fully in the flow and in tune with syncro-destiny.

A thousand things could have gone wrong, and even though some of them did, they didn’t stop me from my dream. Not a single one of them could. I was unstoppable.

A few weeks later I got a marketing email from Mindvalley asking me if I had applied to awesomeness fest yet. To which I shrieked a little angrily inside. “I already applied and you rejected me… grrrrr!”

Instead of staying angry. I wrote a long email to Vishen the founder of the company, pointing out their error in their marketing funnel, and suggesting how to fix it. He remembered meeting me in the office in such a strange way. This resulted in a reply from him personally inviting me to Awesomeness Fest. The invite only conference for entrepreneurs and world changers I had dreamed of going to for years.

Longer story shorter. I went. That’s me in the front row left, riding a joygasmic bliss wave with the whole group. What kind of wild syncro-destiny stories have you experienced in your life?

How do you actually find time for you?

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