Ignite Book Purchase: Bonus 7 Days of Love

Your Gift: The 7 Days of Love Project

Watch the video below and follow along to get started.

The Support You Need to Succeed

Apply this one easy technique in three unique ways to:
  • With Your Partner: get the nurturing touch you crave, spark your intimacy, and re-kindle romance,
  • With Yourself: Support yourself through hard times, practice self love, and build self confidence,
  • With Your Kids: Role model healthy (non sexual) intimacy, teach consent, practice boundaries (without being creepy!)

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Your Family Needs Healing. Only You Can Provide It!

Spend just 14 minutes this week on your 7 Days of LOVE project.  You'll give yourself and your family a foundation for future self esteem, healthy relationships, and deep self love. 


I was so close to a nosedive back into depression.

I was so close to a nosedive back into depression. Thank you Elena. I believe that was a divine intervention from the universe. This had me smiling and laughing and giving myself the much needed love that has been so absent from my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm going to make the commitment to do it everyday and I'll let you know how I am doing. Can't thank you enough!


Had me giggling like a boy!!

I did it right along with you in the video. Had me giggling like a boy!! Haven’t missed a day of your 30 second workout. it just gets better. Yes, I did it for 30 days, as crazy as I felt some days, but in the end I learned a new skill “Self-Esteem!” Thanks & Gracias Elena, keep up the good work. I am passing your message along, the new earth is ours!

70 Year Old Expat

It is becoming natural and easy to show myself love. I sneak in kisses during the day – if something was hard, or i need extra support, or something went great – and i give myself a kiss and say I love you. And giggle. And feel a lot better.

Couples Relationship Coach

Get practice with "HOW" to teach consent to your family(instead of staying stuck in silence and awkwardness)