Webinar: Bonus Brain Training Bonus Track

Here's Your *Bonus* Brain Training Track

Being a mom is HARD, but it doesn't have to be that way! 

When you know how to use your 5 Fantastic Fingers... jk

I like to keep things light and funny.  But also easy.  So I've included text that you can CUSTOMIZE. Then share it in a text, Facebook, or email to an overwhelmed mom friend who needs this webinar

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You know how you told me you've been struggling with your kids? I just finished watching this webinar from Elena, and it's totally helped me (the biggest insight or win you got from the webinar) and see how I can easily be a better mom.

 Elena is helping people like us be the conscious mom's we know we can be.  Check out the 5 Fantastic Fingers here ElenaHarderR.com/‚Äčnomad  Love, (Your Name)

Stress Less & Finally Enjoy Your Kids


If you sound like your mom, and are always naggging, the house is a mess, and your bring is feeling a little... craaaazy..  You need the Bulletproof Moms Course.  Give me 7 minutes a day and I'll teach you how to re-train your subconscious to help you.  Release past stories.  Heal ancestral trauma.  Be the mom who is always calm.