Your *Secret* Pain

Bethany Janelle

Elena helped me by diving deep into my past and helping me to recover old memories I had forgotten about. I found the experience definitely helped! A highlight of working together was Elena is so gentle and makes you feel relaxed. I would recommend this service to people who are ready to make a change in their life, or let go of unwanted habits. 

You've been stuck for too long...

All moms have something they want to improve on, so whether it's

  • being more peaceful with your kids 
  • stop sounding like your mother 
  • finding a way to stop yelling
  • getting them to eat healthy
  • finally letting go of your mom guilt 
  • escaping the cycle of anxiety/depression.

I'm here to help you be your best mom

What You’ll Do Before the Call

You will be given a specific set of powerful questions in order to determine how I can best help.

What Happens During the Call

We dive right in to a transformation experience, bringing you in touch with lost memories, challenging moments, and programming your mind for new experiences you've never had before.

What Changes After the Call

What we shifted in your mind changes your family.  You'll be experiencing new clarity, confidence, courage and radical self love.  

About Elena Harder

As a single parent for many years, Elena knows what it's like to live in daily overwhelm that seems it will never end.  After suffering from severe post-partum depression for 5 years, and an abusive relationship that she couldn't seem to quit, Elena developed a case of seriously self destructive self talk about being a "horrible mother".  She knew she needed to do something different, but couldn't seem to shake old patterns.  

She started to experiment with the few things that HAD been working to bring her more peace, and combined them into one power packed experience, to help find that inner peace, and make progress towards her goal of ACTUALLY feeling like a good mom.  In a few weeks she made more progress than in years before, and she knew she'd found something golden.

Through these brain training tracks she's been able to stop experiencing irrational anger towards her child, is free from mental health challenges, and has even attracted a wonderful man into her life who is a great father to her son and a dream come true

Now she works to help other mothers to manage and reduce their stress, build healthier relationships, stop sounding like their mothers, and live lives they once only dreamed of.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Get You Unstuck!

What a transformation!

Since watching your webinar I have utilized the 5 fantastic fingers technique 3 times to manage my anger with Daeklan. Thank you so very much ♡ I just finished doing it. I had to do it twice to be good but it has shifted so much in me already. What a transformation! This tool is amazing.