Has anyone ever told you to take a deep breath and just calm down?  

If you’ve ever tried it, it seems to work in the moment, but more often than not, within a few minutes (or second) the anger is right back there. 

Your 5 Fantastic Fingers

This is a 5 min or less exercise, designed to help you shift your brain completely from stress to relaxation and forward thinking peaceful action.

We use the ritual of doing this practice from start to finish to create a repeated brain pathway that says "when I start doing this I am stressed" to "when I finish this I feel good".  

Each time you do it successfully (aka complete it and come out slightly/completely calmer), you hardwire the pattern of moving from stress to relaxation even quicker into your brain.

If you need to do it more than once no problem at all.  
I say "doing it twice is better than doing it not at all!" 

If you forget to do it.  No problem.  
You'll have lots more opportunities to practice.
You're a mother after all.  😉

1. Breathe.  

Place your thumb and baby finger together.  

We do 5 breaths here, to recognize the awareness of the anger or pattern within us, to realize that we have recognized we are stuck, and are preparing to shift it.
Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, this helps calm your nervous system.  Imagine you are breathing OUT all your anger.

2. Make Love

Place your thumb and ring finger together.  

We do 5 breaths here, to recognize the love that we cary within ourselves, looking around the space for anything we feel greatful for, and expressing gratitude for that in our inner (or outer) voice.

Grattitude for ourselves for recognizing we are stuck,
for our children for calling us to more love,
for having the tools and awareness to recognize the the anger or other pattern ​
to have recognized we are stuck, and are all ready to shift it.

3. Magnetize

Place your thumb and middle finger together.  

We do 5 breaths here, connecting with what we WANT to be happening instead.

We want to be patient.  We want to be loving.  We want our kids to behave better.  We want to feel more rested. 

Spend 5 breaths doing your best to VISUALIZE and then EXPERIENCE yourself as those things you want to be feeling.  

This is where the magic happens, and you shift it. 

4. Look Inside

Place your thumb and index finger together.  (put your hands to your eyeballs like silly glasses if you haven't already laughed some in the process already)

We do 5 breaths here, to scan our body from head to toe, and see if there is ANYTHING that is left of that initial anger/challenge.  If there is.  No problem.  Just move back to step 1, and then do the process again for yourself, it will feel so much easier because of what you've already done.

We do this to make sure we have completely shifted the energy of our bodies to one of calm.  

5. Celebrate

Place your thumb and thumb together.  Give your thumbs a kiss with eachother 5 times and 5 breaths.  

We do 5 breaths here, to celebrate that we have shifted ourselves, to celebrate that we are alive, that we have power over our minds and our old patterns, and to congratulate yourself on having completed the pattern.  
Positive re-enforcement is so crucial for creating new patterns, so celebrating allows us to know without a doubt "this is good, and I am doing something good for myself"

Congratulations!  You've done it!

Your 5 Fantastic Fingers are Complete

You can now head back into your mom(battle)field like a Bulletproof Mom.


This is a little gift just for you,
because I know sometimes things feel stuck….

So here’s something to listen to
to help yourself remember
that ANYTHING can change.

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