I am an orgasmic birth supporter, NLP practitioner and mother of 1 wonderful boy, with another one on the way!

I started my journey to supporting women with birth with the un-intentional conception of my son, DONA training, and a natural (but traumatic) hospital birth.  I then did deep dive into my awakening journey as I spent the next 7 years as a single mom battling post partum depression, people pleasing and adrenal burnout.

While preparing for conception of my second child I knew I wanted to do many things differently than the first time.

To me that meant a non-hospital birth, and after reading too much about medwives, I knew I wanted a freebirth, yet I didn't actually want to be ALL ALONE. This was the seed planted inside of me that lead to me saying yes to Gemma Remple about Wyld Birth being formed.

I had heard about orgasmic birth but I didn't actually know anyone who had actually had one. I searched and found many women who had actually had orgasmic births. I recorded many of these conversations to create The Joygasmic Life Podcast.  They confirmed what I thought, orgasmic birth was possible and required a unique preparation both mentally and environmentally.

I found the support I needed to help me really believe I could really birth physiologically, handle the intensity of birth without pain, and connected to the psychedelic sensual nature of pleasurable birth.  

You can do it too!

I'm passionate about helping other mothers in their postpartum recovery
and experiencing the true joy that comes
 with finding that joygasmic birth experience
(even if it happens years later).

We can absolutly find and grow the love for our children
if it isn't there postpartum.

and I'm here to show you the shortcuts that really worked
for myself and my clients to improve mental health
and find your juicy and joygasmic life again! 
~ Elena Harder

Words From Her Clients