What if action sparked a new reality,

quicker than anyone could comprehend
without having been here,
experiencing a global trauma
or the beginnings of enlightenment.

We know that wealthy, corporate interests
are pushing politicians to cut social services,
lift environmental regulations,
and relax labour laws to help the economy “bounce back.”

That’s why we’re working with organizations and groups
from all across the country to build a mass, people-powered movement
that will fight for government action to meet our communities’ needs,
generate millions of decent, green jobs, and tackle the climate crisis.

The first step is reaching out in our communities
to come together

behind the vision
of a Just

We’ll do that by hosting virtual,
locally led teach-ins across the country
bringing this vision to the people.

peoplepower #changemakers #loveRevolution #WeAreTheOnesWeHaveBeenWaitingFor #hopi

(wherever you are)
Do you feel the call?

Interested in attending or co-hosting a LOCAL ACTION GROUP, please reply back YES ACTION.

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