Short term…

  1. Put CBD oil into your vagina.

2. Lay on your back and press on your womb through your belly with two fingers pushing down as hard as is comfortable and breath out. Hold your breath for 3 sec. Big breath in and release the hold on your womb. Repeat several times. It will re-focus the tension in your hips.

3. Go for a walk

4. Orgasm

Longer term…

5. Difficult periods are linked to blocked blood vessels in your uterus and so it’s working extra hard to push/contract the blood through it. After your period ends do a vaginal steam with just water or herbs for 10 minutes (Contact me if you want more info on how to do this safely)

6. Look into dietary things that cause inflammation (dairy, sugar, wheat, food dyes)

7. Take magnesium before/during your period (this is why we crave chocolate, but most chocolate has sugar/milk in it which increases inflammation and bad gut bacteria overgrowth)

8. Reduce your stress during the month, or find a better stress management solution (try my 5 Fantastic Fingers technique)

9 Switch from tampons or pads to a diva cup or free bleeding. Conventional menstrual products (tampax etc) have been bleached and will leach it into your vagina!!!! increasing the toxic load your body needs to dump every month.

10. Take at least an hour before/during your period to scream/cry/journal out anything you were upset about during the month.

10 years later the message and the meaning stand as true in my heart as the day I said “yes” and didn’t actually know how to make it come true.

I haven’t come as far as I thought I would,
But I also wouldn’t change a second of it
Because every fuck up and mis-step showed me how to be compassionate.
Every failed venture showed me how strong the desire to be seen and valued continues to be inside of me. 

I may have given up more times
than I tried my hardest.
But every day was hard back then,
So it’s okay to cut a little slack
About being more enthusiasm than follow up
I was a hot mess and a single mom
Trying to find a way to intentional community,
Romance and love,
And sanity.

I was a right hot mess.
And I could feel bad about it…

But the world is a hot mess
And many of you are too (hot, and a mess)
Actually in 2021 so far
I’m doing pretty fine
Except for this burning desire
to bring more Joygasm
to the women of the world.

If you are a woman, mom and entrepreneur.  If you have struggled with too much doing and not enough results.  Or you want to take the roof off what you’ve already got…

Alignment with your highest vision is key.
Feeling joyful in your daily grind is the way to unwind it.
Tapping into the power of turned on women is how we change the world.

I invite you to join me this year in Joygasmic Alchemy.  It’s going to be juicy. It’s going to shake you. It’s going to super power you to become the woman and entrepreneur you know you can be.

If you want to get in as the first to explore this pay what you can embodiment experience, PM me with “YES Joygasmic Alchemy” and I’ll send you details about our first call.

Robyn Cogger: Naturopath for neurodevelopment health specializing in children with autism, ADHD, epilepsy, OCD and PANS/PANDAS.
Connect with her here

That what is happening in the gut affects the brain and mental health. By treating the gut with a personalized plan, you can heal your mind and mood.

Takeaways: Mums are often ignored/gaslighted by institutions if they try to step outside the model of brain chemistry causes mental health problems and demand investigation for neuroimmune considerations.

Food intolerances can be the main driver of psychiatric disease and neurological disorders (such as gluten ataxia, celiac, cerebral folate deficiency syndrome).

There is no one pill to fix everyone, each body needs different things, and a knowledgeable supportive guide can help you figure out what that is.