Dear Mama, In order to really share, you need to get out of the habit of hiding, and realize they already see you, and already love you. We’re looking forward to seeing what you look like when you rally shine. #eh

Dear Mama, The tears that course down my cheeks, are gasms of love, flowing freely from all the places in my heart that were closed to you. Now, in naked vulnerability, I open to you beloved. #eh

Dear Mama, The easiest way to joy is with joy. And fortunately, you are the queen of joy. #eh

Dear Mama, Today, you forgot any and all hatred you had ever felt, and it felt amazing to release it all.  We were there with you, every step of the way.  You are our hero. Never forget that. #eh

Dear Mama, Rockin’ body ya got there. Yeah, you. So just take 1 minute and tell yourself it in the mirror. I love you. #eh

Dear Mama, It’s as simple as letting it in. as simple as relaxing and allowing perfect clients to arrive at your door and shower you with love and blessing and praise and honor. And yes, you deserve it, and yes, you are as ready as you’ll ever be. #eh

Dear Mama, Get more sleep. Without ANY guilt. Now! #eh

Dear Mama, Release your fears. They are the only thing holding you back. #eh

Dear Mama, Today, I celebrated you. Though you are not here in my physical space, I can feel you, taste you, breathe you into my soul and my experience. I love you more than words can tell, and I am so in eager anticipation of your heart, mouth and soul pressed into mine. #eh

Dear Mama, Sweet angel, sister, friend. Our love for you is hugemungous, tremendous and unending. Welcome to unconditional Self-Love V2. Now get on your path and go darling’. #eh

Dear Mama, Feeling fantastic? Oh, Good. We sent you more love than we’ve ever sent in one package, because we know you can handle and deserve it. #eh

Dear Mama, The sacred space that you hold, that allows people to unfold the scared and unworthy parts of me, to bring them to surface, speak their truth and be accepted in them. This the most holy gift. I adore you. You, the art of love incarnate. #eh

Dear Mama, Never done THAT before have ya? And guess what happens when you take that leap? That’s right, you’re safer, happier, sexier and more love then ever before. #eh

Dear Mama, Welcome, to your upgrade. You deserve it, you are worthy, enjoy the luxury. You were born for it. #eh

Dear Mama, The freedom to self-express is the greatest freedom of all. And yet it’s something where the permission comes from your deep down inside. What beauty. What peace.  Ps. You want someone to love you no matter what?  Wish Granted.  We do. #eh