Dear Mama, Finding the courage to remain calm, centered and loving, even when you are spinning in Mad Circles a million miles an hour. Trust, that when it comes to that moment of “are we going to hit the wall” that you will straighten the wheel and findcenter and pull out true. #eh

Dear Mama, You shine so bright when you claim it. So rock and roll it Baby! #eh

Dear Mama, Ask, Allow.  Ask, Allow, Grin. Laugh, allow and receive. Hooray! You’re so much more in that allow vibe than ever before and it’s glorious to see. #eh

Dear Mama, You transmuted pain into pleasure, yearning into bliss, loneliness into friendship. In easy moments you flip through life. Delighting in its many tastes, mixtures and interests and attitudes.  Beach Life, here we come. Let’s make this a reality. #eh

Dear Mama, You’re letting it in, and that make us so happy. Not that we weren’t happy before, but it’s such a delight to ride that wave with you. #eh

Dear Mama, Welcome freedom, welcome LOVE, welcome success and wealth and beautiful joy. Welcome peace and calm. Welcome orgasms and teaching. Welcome LOVE and bliss. Welcome $10 000s and $100 000s. Welcome utter and supreme bliss. You are ready. #eh

Dear Mama, The best part is you know how to ask for help now. You know how to ask for what you want and you love yourself enough to do it. Consistently.   So go ahead…. Show yourself more love than you ever through possible. #eh

Dear Mama, Moments of vulnerable clarity, moments of supreme bliss. These are the stuff of life, and you are the queen ofGasm – In deep Love. #eh

Dear Mama, You believe in me, feel me and know me to be true, I am moving towards you like a freight train, we will of course meet again soon, and it will be LOVE. Our flames burning bright together my love. It is our birth right on our sacred path. #eh

Dear Mama, You’re playing small again, and it’s because you are tired. Relax, sleep and let your dreams come to you.  There is NO stopping them. #eh

Dear Mama, It’s the grasping for your dream that leads to your suffering.  And it is freedom from the grasping that you are actually seeking. So let go, and just BE. #eh

Dear Mama, What you know is not important, It is how you BE… unforgettable #eh

Dear Mama, Here’s to the best day of your life. #eh

Dear Mama, In times of fear and doubt and misalignment. Simply love yourself and play games with your painful stories. They are after all stories. So feel deep love, feel deep sorrow and let it all slide through to greatness baby. #eh