Dear Mama, Today, I celebrated you. Though you are not here in my physical space, I can feel you, taste you, breathe you into my soul and my experience. I love you more than words can tell, and I am so in eager anticipation of your heart, mouth and soul pressed into mine. #eh

Dear Mama, Sweet angel, sister, friend. Our love for you is hugemungous, tremendous and unending. Welcome to unconditional Self-Love V2. Now get on your path and go darling’. #eh

Dear Mama, Feeling fantastic? Oh, Good. We sent you more love than we’ve ever sent in one package, because we know you can handle and deserve it. #eh

Dear Mama, The sacred space that you hold, that allows people to unfold the scared and unworthy parts of me, to bring them to surface, speak their truth and be accepted in them. This the most holy gift. I adore you. You, the art of love incarnate. #eh

Dear Mama, Never done THAT before have ya? And guess what happens when you take that leap? That’s right, you’re safer, happier, sexier and more love then ever before. #eh

Dear Mama, Welcome, to your upgrade. You deserve it, you are worthy, enjoy the luxury. You were born for it. #eh

Dear Mama, The freedom to self-express is the greatest freedom of all. And yet it’s something where the permission comes from your deep down inside. What beauty. What peace.  Ps. You want someone to love you no matter what?  Wish Granted.  We do. #eh

Dear Mama, You are SO devoted to your path. In waiting to share, you create the perfect nest. In rolling deep in Love, you create the most spectacular transformations. Each day your dedication to serving your highest joy and the world is strengthened. Release your fears. They are the only thing holding you back. #eh

Dear Mama, Your persistence in happiness despite, through, and because of circumstances inspires me to be a better, more joyful person. Your love lifts me higher and shows me what is possible. I Love You. #eh

Dear Mama, Wishing and hoping and intending and believing  
acting, follow through, strategy and commitment.  
As long as you are happy and at peace with your Soul, BOTH will work. #eh

Dear Mama, Rest your weary head.  You have a long and joyFULL journey ahead. You’ll need all the enthusiasm you can muster. #eh

Dear Mama, Today, you become a woman Born Again. Re-create yourself as you will. Acknowledging and releasing all that no longer serves. You are blessed in choice. #eh

Dear Mama, Being honest with yourself first and foremost, and THEN moving into communication with others… Now there is a recipe for success. #eh

Dear Mama, Did we not say that life would be easy, and cash would flow in, and life would feel blissful, and you would have plenty of time off, and everything you did would be super fun?  Well, if you look around, it’s here. And now you want MORE?? Well, fortunately, you’re talking to the infinite divine.  So, it’s on it’s way.  Your job.  Do it, be it, rock it. #eh

Dear Mama, As time passes, you grow closer to things you only imagined. And it’s all lined up. And it’s GLORIOUS. You’re ready. #eh