1. Prior to your first birthing experience had you ever talked to anybody or connected with anybody who had had an orgasmic pleasurable or even pain free birth?
  2. What unconscious assumptions did you have about the process of birth?
  3. How consciously did you participate in your conception process?
  4. Did you feel safe in your birthing environment?
  5. Did you have any experience of sexual trauma that was not dealt with at that time of your birth? 
  6. How much personal autonomy did you have in the process of birthing?
  7. How supported did you feel by your caretakers?
  8. How deeply were you connected to your sense of personal pleasure?
  9. What was your relationship with your partner like?
  10. How supportive and loving was your relationship?
  11. Did you have any underlying relationship issues that needed to be resolved?
  12. What would it take now to do that work with your partner?
  13. What were the stories that you told yourself about birth?
  14. What are the birth stories that inspire you?
  15. What kind of birth do you want to create? 
  16. How many ways since you gave birth before have you since asserted your autonomy in your life?
  17. How many more ways can you learn to experience pleasure?
  18. What else might have affected your ability see what was possible for you and birth?