Worldschooling is only As Good As the Friends You Travel With...

I often dream of our Nomad Family.  

A beautiful social network of wildly independent and life loving worldschooling families who move across North America together, on a yearly route which includes all of our favourite places.

Because let's face it.. traveling the world as a family is incredible.  But it also can be incredibly lonely, overwhelming, and some days the kids drive you crazy.  (no judgement, I've been there and back again) 

Maybe the kids nag that they miss their friends, maybe you find it hard to find time to make hobbies happen, (I mean hobbies outside of travel planning), never mind time for true couple time like you had pre-kids.  I bet some days it makes you want to go back to the real world...

Don't you dare give up on your dream!

I know what it's like to feel like throwing in the towel on travel. After all, I started my dream of world traveling as a single mom to a 10 month old, moving us to Mexico, working, baby wearing, smoothie making, cooking, cleaning, you know the gig.... I was wearing ALL the family roles.

Then Daniel and I met, and we've been NomadSoulmates traveling in bliss ever since. :)

Even so, I always dream a little bit bigger. 

Now I dream of traveling with lifelong friends, people who are happy to share life, and raise children together.  

[ Elena, Daniel and Alex is 9 ] 

We envision a village of a family.

traveling with grandparent age people too...

It would be nice to add a few enthusiastic 20-30 somethings with kid friendly lifestyles to be aunts and uncles.

Maybe a traveling nanny who can be responsible for all kid activities as her primary role.

Sharing food prep/cleanup between all the families to give us ALL more time to enjoy life.

Another couple who wants to make babies at the same time we do (starting 1-2 years frow now) so we can be pregnant mama’s together. <3 <3 <3 

I dream of a life where breastfeeding someone else's kid is a normal thing if you’re lactating and available
A decicated Tantra/Intimacy space for couples to use when they want
Network of home spaces that are owned/rented for our families or other worldshcool families to share.
Earn/Raise $ to purchase a hot spring property to go back to during the summer/winter that could run year round as it’s own business and support nomad route of ongoing seasonal travel, or act as birthing centers and permanent homesites and rental income for all families. Something like this...
Costa Rica
Transcend ageing and live as vibrant humans in the same bodies until 150-400 years old
See the coming of a golden age to the planet and be a valuable contribution impacting millions of lives to see that there are better ways and make it happen
Create a program which helps to teach people in 3rd world countries how to use hemp to create hemp hives (earthship-ish buildings made of hemp) to have sustainable living which is regenerative to the planet as a new viable option.

Before you get too excited. We are “Picky as Fuck” about who this might be for us. You become the 5 people you spend the most time with, and so it is crucial to us who we do this with. Below are our deal breakers.

Elena Harder

Courage Catalyst and Worlschooler

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Copy and paste a testimonial here from one of your former clients about how helpful the strategy call was (remember you're trying to sell the free call, not your services yet!)

Jessica Sanders


Copy and paste a testimonial here from one of your former clients about how helpful the strategy call was (remember you're trying to sell the free call, not your services yet!)

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