Are you confused about Your Immigration Options?

Elena & Daniel

Graham clearly cares about people, and instantly helped us feel at ease.  We contacted him because we were feeling overwhelmed with too many unanswered questions about our "way too complicated" US/Canada immigration paperwork.  He answered all our questions about our immigration options as common law partners, and how that would change if we got legally married.  He gave us all the information about how to best legally extend my stay, so we could preserve our ability to visit family in the future.  He empowered us with the information we needed to be able to file the papers ourselves, and saved ourselves thousands in legal fees compared to the other firms we talked to. We are now happily living together, finally!!! Thank you so much Graham!

[Graham Prichard]

Immigration Lawyer

The law is incredibly complicated, and there are many uncertainties along the way.

In almost all situations, you will have to take some sort of risk to get the benefits you’re seeking through immigration. There are many different paths to your desired life and along each one of those there will likely be laws that restrict your freedom. Your path forward really depends on how much risk you want to take, and your particular situation.  

The people I work with most are often:

  • Entered on a non-immigrant visa and now want to continue living in the US,
  • Are feeling worried because you’re not sure if you can travel back to your home country to visit family,
  • Wondering how long the process will actually take, and when you can make plans for your future,
  • Anxious about overstaying your visa, and wondering “Will I get deported?”
  • Not sure if you can work while your papers are being processed, 
  • Fearful about being separated from your spouse, 
  • Not realizing that you could be limiting your future travel to the USA if your self represented visa application doesn't work out, or is missing required documents.  

When you’re not sure what is next to do, I can help you understand the law, the process, your life, your risk tolerance and what the law allows you to do. I can help you get fully informed about the risk, so you can make decisions that minimize those risks, and maximize your likelihood of your desired outcome.

What You’ll Get During This Immigration Roadmap Call

The law IS complicated.  You’ve likely done a lot of online reading about immigration already and are looking for guidance and clarity around what to do next.

You’re wondering if you can just file the papers on your own, or whether you need to hire an attorney to do it for you.  

There is no "One Size Fits All" answers when it comes to immigration.  That’s why this two hour session is all about detail gathering, risk evaluation and plan making.  You come with the specifics of your situation, I bring my knowledge of the law, the risks and benefits of the many paths available to you. We'll start by digging into the details of your burning questions, help you decide which immigration path is best for you and then formulate a plan that works best for your unique situation. 

Share and Overview of your Situation

We gather important details online before our call, so we can spend LIVE call time figuring out the best way to work with the law to get what you want.

Explore and Choose Your Best Option

We go over your options for legal assistance, and help you determine which course of action would be best for your personal situation. 

Take Action with Peace of Mind

You’ll be clear about whether you need an attorney or not. Which papers to file, where, when, and in what order. 

About Graham Prichard

By far the most amazing part of my work is getting to meet so many truly courageous people. I am overwhelmed with admiration for the mothers and fathers and sons and daughters who leave their home towns and villages and fly across the world so that they can work hard, support their families, and live without war and violence. 

I am moved beyond words by the bravery of a mother I worked with who couldn’t swim, yet she crossed the Rio Grande on an inner tube holding her baby over her head. I helped the 22-year old construction worker who every week sends 70% of his paycheck back home to his mother in Mexico figure out how to stay and get his papers in order. They are the heroes. I just help them. I’m here to help you figure out your options, and make the path clearer.

You're Not Alone in Feeling Worried About Your Immigration Papers

Immigration can be a long and confusing process. Having expert guidance along the way helps you have peace of mind, knowing that you've done everything you can to support your application.

You may find yourself thinking I know I need to do this, but how?

In my experience people will go through all of these steps at some point along the immigration process:

  1. Decide you want to stay in the USA.
  2. Do reading on government sites about the laws, and get overwhelmed with information and options.
  3. Wonder if you can even you get what you want under the current laws (like COVID travel restrictions)
  4. Feel overwhelmed.
  5. Think “Maybe I can just file the papers myself”, because you think hiring someone to do the full immigration process would be too expensive for you.
  6. Go back to searching on the internet for guidance on what to do next.

This is usually where we meet. 

Booking a consultation with me allows you to:

  • Get clarity on any questions you have about those first 6 steps, 
  • Prepare you to go through the next 14 steps of the immigration process without the worry of wondering if you’ve done it right.
  • Get the clarity you want without committing to the big financial investment of hiring an attorney.  

Many of my consultation clients are then able to file their own immigration papers because they now know exactly what they need to do.  When, where, how and why.  Some clients then do decide to hire me to answer further questions along the way, or even complete the entire process for them. 

  1. Clearly understand the different risks that come with each path to your desired outcome.
  2. Decide which path will get you where you want to be, within your risk tolerance.
  3. Commit to that path.
  4. Gather all the necessary immigration papers and fill them out.
  5. Gather your proof documents.
  6. Review and organize your papers, and worry about if you’ve filled them out correctly. 
  7. Review your compiled documentation 3 more times to make sure you’ve got everything in order. (or have a qualified attorney review/compile it for you)
  8. File the necessary information with the appropriate offices before any visa expiry deadlines!
  1. Wait.
  2. Wait some more….
  3. Worry that it’s taking so long. (but know you’ve done everything right, because you had qualified help)
  4. Wait...
  5. Get papers back from the government with a decision.
  6. Make arrangements for finalize any other documents/travel/biometrics required for your immigration process.
  7. Wait more, cry, laugh and be glad it’s almost over.
  8. Get your green card & celebrate!

No matter where you are in your immigration process, booking a consultation with me gives you the ability to ask the questions that are keeping you up at night.  

You’ll get answers from someone who knows the details of the law that matter most to your situation and can give you the information you need to make your own decisions.  Whether you hire me to do your application or book a consultation and then file them on your own. I just want to help make the path clearer for you. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

Let’s Create Your Immigration Roadmap