Joygasmic Life Hacks to get Your Spark and Pleasure Back!

Modern motherhood leaves women feeling depleted and exhausted.  We need a village, but our modern lives are far from it.  We need every tool we can get, and the Joygasm eCourse covers these simple bio-hacks to help you ballance your nervous system, get anxiety under control and find your joyful soulspark again!

This eCourse is designed for the busy mom to easily fit learning and self care into her schedule.
5-10 minute videos and 2 minutes of practice daily. Four Weeks. That's it.

How We Support in Virtual Villaging

Babes in arms and interrupting toddlers are expected, waved to and adored!

Live Calls Weekly

We gather for 1.5 hours on Wednesday to practice, ask questions and troubleshoot together.

Community Chat

When you join the course you get instant access to our community chat to ask questions from Elena and our community of students.

Lifetime Access

Take your time to review the content, you have access to the course for as long as it's online.  Download videos/audios for practice or offline viewing.

Simple & Quick

Each week you have only 5-15 minutes of video to watch, and a daily 2 minute homework exercise.  Q&A calls are optional, and there is a usually a recording if you can't make it.

Who We Love Sharing Virtual Village Space With

Generally the women who show up here are into:

  • Healthy whole food eating, (healthy eating may mean plant based to one person, it may mean bone broth & raw milk to another person. This is OKAY!)
  • Spiritual development, yoga, meditation, (Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/Pegan, doesn't matter to us as long as you are okay with sharing space with others beliefs)
  • Autonomous/sovereign/physiological birth/life/death practices,
  • Off-grid/self sufficient living
  • Being evolutionary/conscious mothers,
  • Doing the inner shadow work to stop intergenerational trauma

Your Red Thread Needs Healing

You're Next Up!

Our children listen to our actions, our emotions and our leadership.  Without your soul spark, what have you got left to share with them?  When you find your joygasmic source... you'll get your spark back! 


How much time will this take?

I designed this content when I was single parenting my firstborn (he was 3ish) and working in the evenings till 2am most nights. Sleep deprived, anxious and angry.  It's all setup to be short and effective.

You'll need:
10-15 minutes of video content per week. (or watch on 2x)
2 minutes of practice per day.
1.5 hours of live calls (optional!)

When is the call?

The group meets every Wednesday for 4 weeks from 1:00-2:30pm MST on zoom.

We start with feedback on our weeks where it's more informal and we get to know each other better. (Not Recorded)

Elena offers teachings from the Joygasm body of work, Q&A and personal trouble shooting. (Recorded)

Do I need to attend the calls or can I listen to recordings instead?

This course is designed to be tottaly effective as a video course.  Even if you never attended a call, you would get a lot out of it.  We make recordings of the live  calls.  And...  I personally think the best laughter and intimacy happens with those brave souls who show up live.  I hope it's you and me dancing together this time around!


What does it cost?

The Joygasm Goddess Magic course is run by donation, with people paying what they can on a sliding scale $5-150 a month, sharing testimonials about their experiences or giving guest talks about subjects they're passionate or knowledgeable about.

Giving a donation or sharing a talk gets you access to a growing library of online courses and embodiment practices that I have put together, and recordings of past workshops. I think it's an incredible great value, you get to put a price on it that motivates you and conveys your transformation.


What about my kids?

Most of us have kids.  I bring my infant if he needs me. I nurse on screen if needed.

Babe in arms are always welcome. Interrupting toddlers... well that's just life. Barfing dogs, maybe catch the rest of the replay and go soak your feet! You deserve it! 

We generally mute ourselves unless we are sharing.  This helps keep the kid chaos to a minimum.


What a transformation!

Since watching your webinar I have utilized the 5 fantastic fingers technique 3 times to manage my anger with Daeklan. Thank you so very much ♡ I just finished doing it. I had to do it twice to be good but it has shifted so much in me already. What a transformation! This tool is amazing.

Four Weeks to Awaken Your Joygasm

Build Happiness Habits

By focusing on gratitude for what is working well, we are able to raise our vibes, or expectations, and our perception of reality to create a much more joyful life.

Effective Stress Reduction Tools

When faced with an angry two year old screaming at you for hours... keeping your cool seems like a snowman on a summers day impossible... until you learn how to use your Five Fantastic Fingers! This ancient practice of mudra and breath has been modernized and harnessed to help you stay rock solid calm and unconditionally loving no matter what your kids throw at you, even on their worst days.

Joygasmic Surrender

Sure it's good to know what to do when shit hits the fan, but what about when it's GREAT? Everything is finally going your way and you start self sabotaging or get sick or create something challenging.  This is all about learning to surrender to pleasure and quit getting in our own way by practicing embodied enjoyment of all sensations.

Manifesting What Matters... Emeralds!

Did you wish for an extra $1000? Or to win the upcoming competition? Did you reach your goals "on time" or "accurately"? Words define who we are and what our reality is, so looking at what we created and our stories of it is essential to understanding how to heal and love ourselves.  Whatever your goal with your life inventory was...this week you'll get an opportunity to destroy any limitations on your capacity to dream what you desire for your life.  

Joygasm Magic is understood for you now. We trust you've had a good ride!

Join Us... this GASM magic will look so good on you too!

Joygasm Goddess Magic operates on a gifting membership basis.  

My gift to you. You can register and receive the core courses for free.   

Upon registration you are gifted instant access to the experiences 7 Days of Self Love, Your First Joygasm, Joygasmic Goddess Magic Live Groups, Secret Surveys and more...  

Joygasm is awesome, but it's also not for everyone at every time of life.
Gifting allows you to try this out and let your skepticism go for a minute.
Watch a few videos and if it's not for you, no skin off your back.

Many participants want to offer a gift back and we observe that they benefit significantly in their lives for doing so. We encourage this as traditional practice. Examples for you to try out could be:

  • Share a story about a positive experience you have to a friend or your social stream,
  • Create music, poetry, activism or art and share it,
  • Donate what you want to support the JGM Journal gifting program,
  • Be inspired to create your own best self in the world to benefit others and rock it Harder!
  • Invite your friends (and magically aligned strangers... why not!)  to join and having a blast together!!!

Through many generous donations from participants I have been able to dedicate years to podcasting, writing and circling to share my testimony of recovery from sexual/mental trauma. It is a great triumph for me to now offer free copies of my book Mr. D and the Joygasm Queen to them as a recovery guide and journal for women exiting abusive relationships to reclaim their sexual sovereignty and explore pleasure massively.