If Your Kids Drive you Crazy
You & Your Family Need Healing



I was so close to a nosedive back into depression. Thank you Elena. I believe that was a divine intervention from the universe. 

This had me smiling and laughing and giving myself the much needed love that has been so absent from my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm going to make the commitment to do it everyday and I'll let you know how I am doing. Can't thank you enough!

[Elena Harder]

Courage Catalyst

I get it... Your days are packed with everyone else's needs 

It's so hard for you to make time you want for yourself.
You're overwhelmed by all you've read & learned about how to heal.  

This project isn't about theory, it's not about hours of meditation.

It's designed specifically for mom's just like you with 0 time to themselves.  

That's why we start with just 60 seconds a day.

A quick start hack to give your body and nerves what they need to start healing today.

What You’ll Get During This 7 Day Self Love Project

POWERFUL 60 Second Video You Can Practice Along With

Bad change can happen in an instant, BUT so can GOOD CHANGE! In just 30 seconds a day you'll be radically improving your body's understanding that it is loved, and that life is now safe.

ACCOUNTABILITY Daily Email Reminders

Every day you'll get a new *short* piece of information about the practice, as well as a reminder to share in our PRIVATE group that you've done your daily practice!


They way we do one thing is the way we do EVERYTHING, so you have the opportunity to RADICALLY increase the amount of love that's happening in your life. 

About Elena Harder

As a single parent for many years, Elena knows what it's like to live in daily overwhelm that seems it will never end. 

After suffering from severe post-partum depression for 5 years, and an abusive relationship that she couldn't seem to quit, Elena developed a case of seriously self destructive self talk about being a "horrible mother".  She knew she needed to do something different, but couldn't seem to shake old patterns.  

She started to experiment with the few things that HAD been working to bring her more peace, and combined them into one power packed experience, completed her Theta Healing and NLP practitioner trainings, and did what was needed to find that inner peace, and ACTUALLY start feeling like a good mom.  In a few weeks of using the Brain Training tracks she made more progress than in years before, and she knew she'd found something golden.

Through these tracks she's been able to stop experiencing irrational anger towards child, is free from mental health challenges, and has even attracted a wonderful man into her life who is a great father to her son and a dream come true. 

Now she works to help other mothers to manage and reduce their stress, build healthier relationships, stop sounding like their mothers, and live lives they once only dreamed of.

Give yourself the gift of just 60 seconds of self care...


"Every morning on my way to work I bring up my joy memory and laugh my way to work.

If I don't get to give myself kisses before I leave the house I take the time in the bathroom mirror and give myself much needed love.

I believe that through doing I love You's every day I have loved myself into finally being healthy and now with this system I'm raising my everyday state of BEING!

I have seen remarkable changes in myself. Not only have I seen them but others are noticing. I received a job offer last week from a very successful woman and then the next day a promotion from my boss. Not only did I receive a promotion but he also went around the office saying wonderful things about me to others!" 


70 Year Old Expat

I did it right along with you in the video. Had me giggling!! Haven’t missed a day of your 30 second workout. it just gets better. Yes , I did it for 30 days, as crazy as I felt some days, but in the end I learned a new skill “Self-Esteem!” Thanks & Gracias Elena, keep up the good work. I am passing your message along, the new earth is ours!

Rovena Skye

Couples Relationship Coach

It is becoming natural and easy to show myself love. I sneak in kisses during the day – if something was hard, or i need extra support, or something went great – and i give myself a kiss and say I love you. And giggle. And feel a lot better.

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Your Family Needs Healing Only You Can Provide

In just 60 seconds a day, you will re-program your brain to find your calm no matter what your kids throw at you, so you can be the conscious parent you know you're meant to be.