Your First JoyGasm

Hack Your Brain & Experience Outrageous Joy

Do you want to feel more joy? More passion?

Modern life leaves most people tired, stressed, and without energy for enjoying the good things in life.

JoyGasm will teach you to harness the joy and pleasure pathways of your brain in order to:

  • Create immense joy, inner peace, and passion
  • Connect deeply with the people who matter to you
  • Eliminate your stress in just 2 minutes
  • Build love and connection for a rocking hot sex life.

Do you remember laughing so hard your face hurts? What if you could do this not just once, but every day?

What is JoyGasm and How Can It Change Your Life?

JoyGasm is a full body feeling of joy, connection, love, union, and pleasure. You will learn how to access high states of passion and joyful connection, create shockwaves of hilarity, incredible relaxation, realize that you have the ability to choose JoyGasm in any moment, and open up to a new way of living life.

During this eWorkshop, you will learn the science behind how this works, practice solo, play along with practice videos and experience your first JoyGasm.

You will be guided to learn the JoyGasm Series so you can then easily enter deep meditative/trance states, connect and open your heart, activate your emotional energy and anchor the whole experience into muscle memory allowing you return to this pleasurable state whenever you want. JoyGasm will be yours for life.

“I feel like I just got back from a week in Cuba” A.P – Calgary Workshop Participant

Course Outline

About the Teacher


As a single parent for many years, Elena knows what it's like to live in daily overwhelm that seems it will never end.

After suffering from severe post-partum depression for 5 years, and an abusive relationship that she couldn't seem to quit, Elena developed a case of seriously self destructive self talk about being a "horrible mother". She knew she needed to do something different, but couldn't seem to shake old patterns.

She started to experiment with the few things that HAD been working to bring her more peace, and combined them into one power packed (and quick) experience, to help find that inner peace, and make progress towards her goal of ACTUALLY feeling like a good mom.

Through these tracks she's been able to stop experiencing irrational anger towards child, is no longer experiencing mental health challenges, and has even attracted a wonderful man into her life who is a great father to her son and a dream come true.

Now she works to help other mothers to manage and reduce their stress, build healthier relationships, stop sounding like their mothers, and live lives they once only dreamed of.

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