Joygasmic Birth

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About this course

While  many mothers HOPE for an orgasmic birth,  the ones who actually achieve it have done the prep work to understand the hormones of birth deeply and  deprogram themselves completely .

Whether you’re a woman who has “put your family first”, have a support person programed with “doctors by default”, are planning for your first free birth and scared of the “what ifs” or are dealing with the past trauma of hospital births (yours or your children’s). 

What This Course Covers

4 Lessons

Module 1: Hoping is Different Than Knowing

To orgasmically birth you need to believe It’s possible and PLAN for it. 

You'll be lead through a guided meditation to anchor your "future memory" of your orgasmic birth as already having happened. 

I've also compiled a huge resource of "safe" stories and videos of orgasmic birthing moms without any of the midwife interference, hospital transfer stories or any crap that would get in the way of your most pleasurable birth.

There's also dozens of mix tapes of our favorite births, orgasmic hypnosis, and wisdom from orgasmic birth moms. 

What do you currently believe about birth?

Take 10 minutes and write down your current beliefs about birth.

What are the stories you tell yourself about birth?

What have you heard from other mothers about birth?

What do you know about pain free or orgasmic birth?

Write down everything you can think of. 

Once you're done, read through what you've written and feel how it makes your body feel to read the statements.


If they are supportive and you like them. Circle or underline them.

If you feel scared/fearful or contracted as you read them use that same pen and cross out and change any of the words that make these sentences something you don't want in your life.

ie Birth is the most painful experience of a woman's life = Birth is the most wonderful experience of a woman's life. 

Read over those modified statements and feel how much better it feels in your body. 

If you hear worries or thoughts that tell you "that's not possible" this doesn't mean it is true, simply that there is still fear/pain resonating within you.  You can say "thank you" to your body for the feedback, and bring these thoughts/worries to our next Mom-day call, do a "Brain Training Session" around it with a recording, or book a Private Session

Mom-Day Freebirth Support Calls

Hearing stories from other moms, offering compassionate listening and the wisdom of our experience is what these calls are all about.  Join us Monday 10-11:30am PST to share what's on your heart, what you are struggling with, and what you dream for your birth.  

Make sure you are signed in as a member for access to the next module which has the zoom link and FB group link. 

All of the ladies are opening to have a birth that is orgasmic.  While most of them are also planning unassisted/freebirth, not all of them are.  We let everyone choose their own path and do not judge if they/you are choosing to use medical support in some way. However we don't discuss the scary logistics around this in the chat or zoom calls. There are other places to ask those questions.  The primary goal here is to create a supportive space for women seeking this unique form of birth.


This group is completely free. If you feel the need for deeper support I do offer private mindset work, a course on anchoring orgasmic energy and another for mental health as a mother post partum. 


On the calls we usually do a check in, a guided experience and if we have more time free chat about whatever is alive for us.  Sometimes it's more structured, sometimes more flowwy.


Please friend me so I can add you to our group chat.

Please also do your best to be on time. I generally send out a reminder the day before with the link.


Feel free to share a bit in the chat about yourself like:

Where you are, how many kids you have, your current experience of pregnancy, and what you are hoping for your birth.  

I'm honored to support you. Welcome to your pathway to orgasmic birth.

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Mom-Day Support Call Link

We meet on Mondays 10-11:30am pst.  The zoom link is the same every week.