Book: My Purpose

What is your biggest dream for your future life? 

For me it is work that feels like play in my life. Every day I wake up excited by the activities of my day, and this great opportunity to serve the conscious evolution of the world. 

I see myself already as someone who has the time freedom to spend hours in a hammock nurturing her children. I have home bases in a beautiful place, that is a retreat I have helped to create and nurture.  I am connected to a strong family tribe of amazing entrepreneurs making huge impact in the world.  I am spending 6+ hours a day hanging with my kids and friends enjoying life, hobbies, meals and love.  I see myself already enjoying LOTS of nature time.

I see myself already planning a season on a yacht traveling the oceans of the world doing ocean cleanup activism and paddle boarding between islands. Playing flute and painting sunsets. We travel with lifelong travel companions who make my heart sing, we often cuddle and share powerful moments together. 

What do you dream of for your relationships?

I see myself already as a woman who is engaged in deeply fulfilling romantic love, gazes and touches that ravish my soul.  I feel the kisses that electrify, and the afternoons in ecstasy that last forever, and ripple out into every aspect of my life. 

I see myself already completely seen, heard, understand and cherished by my hunk man lover life partner. He brings out the best in me, and I feel so supported and loved.  We are adventurous, never fight, feel incredibly stable, and deeply connected sexually, there is a constant simmer of warm sensuous glow between us. I have the best partner ever, and I am lucky beyond my wildest dreams. 

He and I are happy with a large happy extended support network of biological and soul family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and assorted children. I am in deep loving resonance with my core pod of dear dear close friends and family, who I travel all over the world with.

Who you do you want to grow to be?

I see myself already in my work we'll be hosting on-demand webinars, creating new courses, and doing Q&A calls with online groups that support local group leaders.  I'll be completely financially independent with all my debts paid off, a growing savings account, and an easeful flow between income and expenses. 

We have Chai Tea with the Dali Lama, and a massive breakthrough is apparent for all that day. The experience of being on Oprah is both tremendous and obvious, and I am transformed and transformational all in one go. 

I want to grow to become the most amazing mother I can imagine. I want to grow into someone who runs barefoot in the woods, who SUPaddles and does yoga balances on my board, who adventures in nature for food, inspiration and nurturing. I read voraciously, and write even more. I hosts potlucks, parties and retreats, and makes mandala's out of people connected in love. I speak with clarity, compassion and confidence my truth, in a way that is inspirational for others.

I see myself already being able to meet/invite and effortlessly serve the women who have been lined up specifically so I can help them with their mothering journey.  

I see myself already having written several books for adults, teens, tweens, and children.  Some self illustrated, then I found my match in the pen, and it's been eden ever since.  Most of them are best sellers and all have touched many peoples lives.

What do you want to see created in the world through your efforts?

The JoyGasmic Mother. A clear path and powerful journey through the “wake up” experience, helping others move from a dull life of drudgery towards their dream life.  I provide the inspiration, the guidance and the mental freedom to live life on their terms.  

Teaching others to leave the systems that don't work for them, and find better ways. 

I see myself already creating eco-permaculture-hemp home spaces with orgasmic birth and mothering, entrepreneur, spiritual awakening, alternative education, permaculture, platonic intimacy, super foods, foraging and soul family as the core.   

I will know my biggest dreams will be fulfilled when…

I have been able to create a scholarship for one single mom and family per quarter to come and stay in any of our Hives for 6 months including housing, childcare, and etc help them get back on their feet, clean up their minds and bodies, and create their businesses to a point where they are thriving consistently. 

My work is dedicated around a digital education in self love for women who have been in abusive situations. My personal story book has lead to another 120+ community generated versions being published as a balm, inspiration and support to people.  The support groups and Love Club we have created have permeated into society as a viable alternative to AA and other groups. 

So… that was a lot about me, if you haven't shared already, I want to know what about YOUR big dreams?

Don't let the illusions or restrictions of time and space deter you. Never mind the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgment, fear of being rejected.  ONLY YOU know your true purpose.  

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