Be Interviewed for The Joygasmic Life:Season 3: Orgasmic Motherhood

The purpose of our podcast is to provide inspiration and actionable change to awakening mothers.

You can assume that our audience is crunchy and new age, they are familiar with the basics of yoga, reiki, the dangers of conventional foods, smoothies, baby wearing, attachment parenting, chakra's, energy healing, and shadow work. Each in their own unique way.

As a guest you are invited to share your wisdom, tools or inspiring stories that will help conscious moms who are looking to create an ecstatic life for themselves, and improve their intimate relationships, as well as how they show up for their family.

I am looking experts in:

  • Orgasmic Mindset, NLP, hypnosis, trance states, bliss hormones
  • Healthy Eating, intermittent fasting, vegan, plant based or nutrition coaches who specialize in women, birth, hormone rebalancing, healing PCOS naturally, etc
  • Feminine Presence, tantra, alternative sexuality, how to have amazing sex as a parent/after kids, sensual empowerment, or orgasmic birth coaches
  • Spiritual Awakening Stories, shamanic trance, non ordinary reality experiences, birth right of passage integration, kundalini awakening
  • Podcasters who currently reach a large audience of our ideal clients (women with kids 3-17, who are interested in spiritual awakening and run businesses working to make the world a better place.

Not an expert but want to share your story?

I sometimes interview people with inspiring recovery stories in the areas of: post-partum mental health, #metoo, medical rape, vbac, hbac, obac, orgasmic births, kundalini awakenings and other mystical motherhood experiences. If you feel called to share please book your spot and we will do it!


  • You can book a time up to 90 days from now using the calendar below.
  • We do not broadcast LIVE.
  • Calls are up to 120 minutes.  
  • The first 60 become public podcast. Then you'll have a chance to invite the Podcast audience to your upcoming offers, ecourses, webinars, etc. 
  • The next 20-60 minutes are "membership material" which can include live demo, experiential process, or diving deeper into more complex or taboo concepts.  (This is optional.)
  • We meet on Zoom.  The link will be provided when you book your time.
  • I record, edit, create a "5 min Short" and upload your interview. (see some examples here)  
  • Finished podcasts are sent to you within 4 weeks. 
  • You can use this as value added content for your email list and social media.

Is there a cost?

NO! There is no monetary cost to do your interview. If you have an affiliate program please let me know so we can setup appropriate links to your podcast show notes.  You can refer people to our affiliate program, the Joygasmic Life Membership (more about that later).

The Day Of Our Call

  • Review your thoughts on any questions or themes that we had discussed talking about, as per the Calendly invitation.
  • Share on social media about your excitement about the interview. Share your promo link!
  • Setup your recording space.  Detail check your background and your look.
  • We do generally record the video for the Members. If we are doing an audio only just let me know when we start the call. 
  • Use quality headphones for best audio recording quality and to avoid feedback. 
  • Calls are 60-120 minutes long.  If you have an appointment after please let me know. 

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Season 2: Conscious Mothering 

Podcast Viewer Stats

Last updated June 23, 2021.

The show has a reach of 25-100 downloads/episode.  
Total downloads since launch mid 2020 is 1600+.  
Our membership format is just starting as a new way to monetize the podcast and will be advertised in this upcoming season.

Our viewers are generally mothers with children 3-17 who are looking for holistic ways to help their family with health issues.  Many of these mothers are also in the process of pregnancy/pre-conception, or healing from a traumatic post-partum experience.

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