Circumcision Stops Mom-Son Bonding and Could be the Root Cause of Violence in Society – Harry Guiremand – Short

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If you’ve ever had a friend of yours say “Well, I’m just going to get him circumcised” and you’ve held your tongue.

If you have had boys who have been circumcised, and you’re considering whether you should do that for your next child.

I encourage you to listen to this all the way through. It is absolutely a challenging topic, but I promise it is absolutely worthwhile.

Harry and I talked about in this episode:

  • The root cause of hurt experiences in adult life comes back to our childhood traumas and our childhood woundings
  • When we look at the violence in the world, we can absolutely see that the violence done to small babies in their young years, it can be traced back to that root trauma of circumcision.
  • Harry’s experience of finding out he was circumcised as a teen.
  • The high retail price of foreskin on the medical market.
  • We talk about how you can help educate the women around you
  • How you can get involved in the bloodstained men movement, and help educate others.
  • The injustice and the unconstitutional nature of circumcision and its comparison with female genital mutilation as a practice in the world.

This is a challenging, but beautiful conversation to have. I want to encourage you to before you start watching the episode, you can commit to listening to the whole thing, because the first 20 minutes are the hardest bit and then towards the end, we’re mostly talking about how we heal.

We talk a lot about compassion and a lot about how to be kind with men and ourselves on this journey of healing and integration from the very common and very horrific experience called male genital mutilation.

Connect with Our Guest Expert

Harry is a retired engineer who has for many years struggled to find better ways to do what should be the easiest thing imaginable: convincing people not to injure their own children. He joined his first Bloodstained Men protest in 2014 and decided then that the on-street and online actions of the organization are a promising way to protect kids from genital mutilation.


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Twitter @HarryGuiremand

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