Podcast: Book Elena Harder as a Guest

My mission is to share wisdom, tools and inspiring stories that will help your audience become more aware of their own patterning, and break out of it.  

I especially enjoy sharing with audiences of conscious moms who are overwhelmed with their kids, minds and lives, and looking to improve how they show up for their family. 

I Am Happy to Share About 

  • Conscious Business, how to run a business as a woman, single mom, world traveler, what it's like to be stuck in self sabotage, creating a heart centered business
  • Mindset Hacks, how to get yourself out of a funk, overcoming "diagnosis", finding the will to continue on when everything sucks, how NLP is the foundation of most personal development coaching
  • Healthy Eating, intermittent fasting, vegan, plant based diets, getting your kids on board with cooking, food prep or new diets
  • Natural Medicine, vitamin therapy, plant based medicine or psychedelic experiences
  • Feminine Presence, tantra, how to have amazing sex as a parent, how to heal from sexual abuse, sensual empowerment, yoni massage and why it's crucial, how to speak to your woman so she opens to you, how to feel your womb, any anything else you might want to know... 😉 
  • Holistic Mental Health Healing, treating or understanding brain healing for PTSD, bipolar, ADD, how to function as a depressive without Prozac, why you should say no to antidepressants and try these 5 things first, 
  • Spiritual Awakening, shamanic trance, the cycles of time, wormholes and portals, the multiverse, non ordinary reality experiences, Kundalini awakening, Joygasm, Buddhism, tantra, Zen, the problems with the New Age Movement
  • Life Hacks how to run a household on very little money, how creating a businesses working to make the world a better place can save your mind, how to talk to your kids about (sex, sugar, drugs, consent, other peoples choices) so they do what you want, without seeming like a monster, or making anyone else into one either.
  • Leaving an Abuser, How to pack up your life in a week and leave your abuser, how to set clear boundaries with your abusive ex, how to stop getting nasty text messages at 3am, how to properly block your ex so you don't keep getting harassed, why it's okay to do all of the above,
  • Conscious Relationship, how to open your heart up after you've been heartbroken, how to find love again, how to undo your bad patterns of relating in order to have healthy relationships, conscious circles of commitment, how to transition your romance relationship to a friendship instead of "breaking up", how to consciously close you relationship instead of ghosting, 100 questions to fall in love, how to turn online romance into in-person romance, how to deal with online dating someone you're really into
  • VanLife/Nomad Life, How to declutter, how to live in a small space with others and keep your sanity, how to get the courage to leave with no/little cash, how to find a house abroad, stories of living abroad with a kid, life in morocco, life in Ubud Bali, life in Mexico, the nomad dating scene in Bali, the challenges of Nomad Life, how to find other nomads, how to find other nomad families, how to make friends in 5 minutes

You'll have an opportunity to choose which of these topics would be most valuable to YOUR audience when you book our time.


Is there a cost?

NO! There is no monetary cost to do your interview. 😉 
I do have an affiliate program, so if you're interested let me know so we can setup appropriate links.

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