Be Interviewed for The Joygasmic Life Season 2: Conscious Mothering

The purpose of our podcast is to provide inspiring and actionable tips to awakening mothers who are concerned about their children and family health.  

You can assume that our audience is familiar with the basics of yoga, reiki, chakra's, energy healing, and shadow work to varying degrees.

Guests are invited to share their wisdom, tools or inspiring stories that will help conscious moms who are overwhelmed with their kids and lives, and looking to improve how they show up for their family.

I am looking experts in:

  • Conscious Business, finance coaches who specialize in women/mom's, or heart centered business
  • Mindset, NLP, hypnosis, EFT, or other coaching specialists
  • Healthy Eating, intermittent fasting, vegan, plant based or nutrition coaches who specialize in women
  • Natural Medicine, vitamin therapy, plant based medicine or psychedelic therapy experts
  • Feminine Presence, tantra, alternative sexuality, how to have amazing sex as a parent/after abuse, sensual empowerment, or sexual trauma recovery coaches/specialists
  • Holistic Mental Health Healing, treating or understanding brain healing for PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADD, getting children/adults off psychotropic medications,
  • Spiritual Awakening, shamanic trance, non ordinary reality experiences, psychedelic integration, Kundalini awakening stories (doesn't have to be your profession, but great stories are welcome!!!)
  • Podcasters who currently reach a large audience of our ideal clients (women with kids 3-17, who are interested in spiritual awakening and run businesses working to make the world a better place)
  • Not an expert but want to share your story? We sometimes interview people with inspiring mental health recovery stories, inspiring #metoo recovery stories, if you feel called to share, please book your spot and we will do it! 

What You Get:

  • I record, edit and upload your interview to my youtube, website and podcast.  (see some examples here)  
  • You can use this to promote ANYWHERE you want, or use it as a "fremium" product.
  • Pre-written promotion for your email and social media so you can reach more of your ideal people, easier.
  • Invite my audience to your upcoming offers, ecourses, webinars, etc. 
  • Inspire others to heal their wounds, not make common mistakes, and be a force for good in their lives.

Is there a cost?

NO! There is no monetary cost to do your interview.
If you have an affiliate program please let me know so we can setup appropriate links.

How to Get the Most Publicity Possible

  • Use the pre-created promotion posts to promote.
  • Share about your upcoming interview 1-7 times in the week before and after your scheduled post date.
  • Continue to share/promote your interview 1-3x week after it goes live.
  • Connect with relevant previous guests, offer to do a promotion exchange and get them to promote your interview. 
  • Choose a few facebook groups to also share in, and do it! 

Before the Call You Will Need To:

  • Promote your upcoming interview in 3 or more posts.
  • Install on your smartphone or laptop (if you haven't already)
  • Make sure you have a set of headphones with a mic (the little apple ones work really well)

The Day Of Our Call

  • Share the social media posts about your our call and excitement about what we talked about, as well as your promo link. 
  • Make sure your lighting and background are clean and authentic to your brand/self.
  • Make sure you have approved to use your mic/video. (If you've ever done a Zoom call before this should already be done)
  • Use quality headphones for best audio recording quality and to avoid feedback.
  • I will record the call and provide a link for you to promote when it's been uploaded.

Book Your Interview Now


Thank you for being part of the awakening conversation!