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Freebirth Society has an incredible and inspiring podcast that shares the real world stories of women who have chosen to create a new experience for themselves after challenging hospital births.

As the podcast and the course name suggests, they really are advocating for women to birth completely on their own.

Delighted by the podcast and Emilee’s wonderfully compassionate support of women as they told their birth stories, I went ahead and purchased their Free Birth Society course for around $500 USD.

I was thrilled to start it, and yet the course was very different than what I expected.

I was new to educating myself on homebirth/freebirth and my rational mind was looking for something more like what I found later in Heather Baker’s very logical list of experiences that could cause trouble and how to fix it holistically.

The FreebirthSociety course is actually a very thorough series of videos over 13 modules that present wisdom from the co-creators numerous experiences with birth through their own 7 birth experiences (Yolande) and years of doula work (Emilee).

They bring together specific stories from their experiences that support the very feminine worldview that your intuition has the knowledge it needs and the wisdom of how to birth is within you already.

There is definitely a bias against the western medical system and the dangers of utilizing that system which is absolutely clear in Yolanda’s passionate rants (I use that word as kindly as I can) about the dangers of listening to medical obstetric systems and her own experiences. I happen to agree, but others might find this challenging or off-putting so I wanted to address it. (If you want a really shocking rant on the dangers of hospital birth that makes Yolande look mild look no further than this video by Janice Barcello, it’s not for the feint of heart, but will firm up your understanding that hospital birth is intentional torture… don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

I would say her bias bleeds through a little bit too strongly in this course for my tastes, but if you are a woman who is absolutely looking for a more feminine approach to birth education that centers around the woman and her right to choose and her innate knowing then this is a wonderful course to strengthen that feeling.

While at first I found that that I was a bit frustrated with the lack of stats and science, (I am very logically based) I soon came to realize that what I really needed in preparing for freebirth was actually a release from this idea that numbers and statistics could save me. This course offers a retuning into the intuitive knowing that birth is in fact safe, natural and can be absolutely beautiful.

I think this course would be perfect education if paired with Heather Baker’s book which would combine both the practical knowledge of how to solve and address common birth problems, while also anchoring in powerfully the very feminine knowing that you probably actually won’t have any problems at all when you choose to freebirth.

My greatest takeaway from this course is: Physiological birth is designed to protect the woman, and protecting her birth space (especially psychologically by avoiding fear mongering western medicine) is absolutly crucial to healthy pregnancy and good birth outcomes.

This is probably not the best course for: Those who are looking for logic and science around the safety of freebirth.

The FreebirthSociety podcast and course is an absolutely great place to learn if you are working on rewiring your knowing that it is a good idea to create a no intervention birth. They will support your inner wisdom with hard (and often painfully) earned knowledge that the existing Western medical system will not help you get the physiological birth you want.

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