Dear Mama, Today, I celebrated you. Though you are not here in my physical space, I can feel you, taste you, breathe you into my soul and my experience. I love you more than words can tell, and I am so in eager anticipation of your heart, mouth and soul pressed into mine. #eh

Dear Mama, Thank you for all being on my side, all the time, every day, through thick and thin. Your dedication gives mestrength to fly free and dream with eyes open in love. #eh

Dear Mama, Rest your weary head.  You have a long and joyFULL journey ahead. You’ll need all the enthusiasm you can muster. #eh

Dear Mama, The coincidence is not that big a deal. What really matters is how you respond and how long you can hold that delicious feeling in your body and soul. You are a hero among the angels Dearest. We love you sooooooo! #eh

Dear Mama, Today, be gentle with yourself. Express, be feel, share, grow, release, die, be reborn, forget all of it, and just BE in that moment. Then ask for help. You truly are worthy of receiving it. Happy Sigh. Much Love. #eh

Dear Mama, See we told you, you are clean, healed, holy, whole, worthy, LOVED and cherished. So, shut the fuck up with your worry and get to revelling in your glory already. #eh

Dear Mama, Within fear, is the seed of courage. Within doubt is the seed of strength. When you grasp the dream by its horns, these are natural signs that you are on path.  Ps. Your timing is perfect, couldn’t have been better (really!). #eh

Dear Mama, Your fear, is a sign of the hugeness of what is right on the tip of creation. Let your heart and soul go. Let love and flow guide you, let peace reign in your heart and life. #eh

Dear Mama, Your persistence in happiness despite, through, and because of circumstances inspires me to be a better, more joyful person. Your love lifts me higher and shows me what is possible. I Love You. #eh

Dear Mama, Wishing and hoping and intending and believing  
acting, follow through, strategy and commitment.  
As long as you are happy and at peace with your Soul, BOTH will work. #eh

Dear Mama, Cherishing your victories. Getting more picky about how you feel and less picky about how you get there, makes you a very very wow human. And when you’re happy. We are happy. #eh

Dear Mama, We know it’s tough doing it ALL, day in and day out, the monotony of your routine, the internal tyranny of mind. We want to remind you to pause, listen to their laughter, get silly, be brave, face the day with joy and enthusiasm and then do it again. You’re better every day. #eh

Dear Mama, Remember how much all 100,000 of us LOVE you, and are putting the perfect people in your arms. Right. So today, go in deep with no expectations whatsoever. That’s right. None.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  😉 Go PLAY! #eh

Dear Mama, The greatest honor you can do to the amazing things that are happening in your life, is to milk them.  Squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of them that you can.  EVERY SINGLE DROP.  Drink it up, and love it ALL.   Ps. Just a bit more? We know you can! #eh

Dear Mama, Fuck uncomfortableness, lean into it. Your time here is complete and you all know it. Love and trust the journey. #eh