Dear Mama, Your fear is a marker that more LOVE is needed, that more trust shall bloom, and that you are in the right place. Be present, be patient, be calm, and all good things will come to you. #eh

Dear Mama, Remember there is maybe, possibly something okay on the other side of this sad. Can you open to it? #eh

Dear Mama, When it’s time, it’s time, and there is no denying it. You know how to love yourself and others, in such fullness and bliss. It is now time to acknowledge that and to really fly in love. #eh

Dear Mama I see you bite your tongue, hold back the nasty word, stay the hand and choose LOVE instead. Even when you’re at the end of your rope and you are sick and tired, you still come back to LOVE. And that is why you are their hero. #eh

Dear Mama, Your sacred space is inside you. When you bring it outside, so many beautiful people benefit. How amazing to be you. Priestess that you are. Did the class today make you feel extraordinary? It should. #eh

Dear Mama, When you wonder “why me?” “how did I get so lucky?” I want you to REMEMBER the dedication to positivity, good feeling and unconditional love of yourself that is now so much a part of you, that you don’t really even really see it anymore. You’ve come a LONG way baby, and fuck yes you deserve it. #eh

Dear Mama, Did you know? That you are so loved, and we’ve been queing up the most fantastic projects for you for years already? Just watch and see. #eh

Dear Mama, You are real, alive and aware. Your reach is amazing and massive, your vision is reaching full expression, and you ARE a revolutionary. So let it happen. #eh

Dear Mama, you came in many shapes and faces and I recognize you in all of them. Each soul come to give me exactly the perfect gift at the perfect moment. And I am so blessed to have you in my life in so many fantastic ways. #eh

Dear Mama, Thank you for keeping your calm, even when everything around you (okay, the kid) is being mean. I love you Lots and Lots. #eh

Dear Mama, Have you noticed a theme? Perhaps the people you meet have a strong shared interests and cause? There is a reason for that.  So follow the flow, and let’s get into serving like THAT. #eh

Dear Mama, Learning how to take exquisite care of yourself is one of the best parts about being human. It is a delight to rub your feet Goddess. In sweet surrender. #eh

Dear Mama, You understand now that each choice carries its own energy. And you have the power and confidence in yourself to make decisions that feel PHENOMENAL for you. Invite who you want into your life and be joyfully at peace with all past actions, and all present moments. Your future is rosey for SURE. 111% guarantee. Enjoy the ride. #eh

Dear Mama, So you are running into the upper limit problem. This is a GREAT problem to have. And the best part is the way to get through it is the same way you got the here. Surrender, let go and love yourself even more. You heard it. So go have 15 orgasms already. #eh

Dear Mama, You rock and you know it. #eh