Dear Mama, We are so freaking proud of you. You know that things are about to/already have changed in a huge way. Right? OMG watch out Baby! #eh

Dear Mama, Today, you can release all the stories, people, thoughts and emotions that are wrapped up in your old story. This is a celebration of life. You are to have fun here and the new world, well it was upon you a year ago. And you just noticed now. #eh

Dear Mama, Cherishing your victories. Getting more picky about how you feel and less picky about how you get there, makes you a very very wow human. And when you’re happy. We are happy. #eh

Dear Mama, We know it’s tough doing it ALL, day in and day out, the monotony of your routine, the internal tyranny of mind. We want to remind you to pause, listen to their laughter, get silly, be brave, face the day with joy and enthusiasm and then do it again. You’re better every day. #eh

Dear Mama, Being honest with yourself first and foremost, and THEN moving into communication with others… Now there is a recipe for success. #eh

Dear Mama, See we told you, you are clean, healed, holy, whole, worthy, LOVED and cherished. So, shut the fuck up with your worry and get to revelling in your glory already. #eh

Dear Mama, Fuck uncomfortableness, lean into it. Your time here is complete and you all know it. Love and trust the journey. #eh

Dear Mama, Letting go of labels, judgements, fears and expectations has become a natural as breathing. What a gift to gift yourself. One step in front of another, and you’ll get there. #eh

Dear Mama, You’ve been hiding out for so long. Imagine what might happen when you bring the FULL you to the table and TRY…#eh

Dear Mama, We are with you always.  Through all the paths, timelines and realities. You are always welcome to make sweetsweet love to us, we love it, ever single time. #eh

Dear Mama, Sweet dreams. Good night, rest the head of she who disbelieves, on a bed, and lay her lovingly to sleep. Knowing that when you both awake, the magic that awaits is Legend-(wait for it)DAIRY! #eh

Dear Mama, Since the day we first lay eyes on your wrinkly little baby body, we knew you were destined to change the world. And, despite all the judgement you’ve felt for yourself, you’ve been “on track” the whole time. #eh

Dear Mama, Remember how much all 100,000 of us LOVE you, and are putting the perfect people in your arms. Right. So today, go in deep with no expectations whatsoever. That’s right. None.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  😉 Go PLAY! #eh

Dear Mama, The greatest honor you can do to the amazing things that are happening in your life, is to milk them.  Squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of them that you can.  EVERY SINGLE DROP.  Drink it up, and love it ALL.   Ps. Just a bit more? We know you can! #eh

Dear Mama, In every day, you step more and more into realizing that you create the life of your dreams, and that it is here now and today. #eh