Dear Mama, Moments of vulnerable clarity, moments of supreme bliss. These are the stuff of life, and you are the queen ofGasm – In deep Love. #eh

Dear Mama, You believe in me, feel me and know me to be true, I am moving towards you like a freight train, we will of course meet again soon, and it will be LOVE. Our flames burning bright together my love. It is our birth right on our sacred path. #eh

Dear Mama, You’re playing small again, and it’s because you are tired. Relax, sleep and let your dreams come to you.  There is NO stopping them. #eh

Dear Mama, It’s the grasping for your dream that leads to your suffering.  And it is freedom from the grasping that you are actually seeking. So let go, and just BE. #eh

Dear Mama, What you know is not important, It is how you BE… unforgettable #eh

Dear Mama, You’re letting it in, and that make us so happy. Not that we weren’t happy before, but it’s such a delight to ride that wave with you. #eh

Dear Mama, Welcome freedom, welcome LOVE, welcome success and wealth and beautiful joy. Welcome peace and calm. Welcome orgasms and teaching. Welcome LOVE and bliss. Welcome $10 000s and $100 000s. Welcome utter and supreme bliss. You are ready. #eh

Dear Mama, There is still a smidge of doubt in you that you deserve and can create what you truly deserve, which is total bliss and wonder in all moments. Love that doubt and it will turn into a river of courage. #eh

Dear Mama, Loving yourself for the tears, and the ignoring, and the needing to numb out. You are still a divine goddess and queen of your world. Remember self-love. Have a bath with ALL the good stuff in it.  You deserve it more than anyone we know. #eh

Dear Mama, Get more sleep. Without ANY guilt. Now! #eh

Dear Mama, Third times the charm. You know what you want, and it is close enough you can almost taste it. So open to love, love your life and let it IN. #eh

Dear Mama, You can do anything. You’ve known it since you were a young one, and it’s more true now more than ever before. It’s a matter of focus and commitment and follow through.  We know you know that, but what you don’t know is that it’s a matter of focus, commitment and follow through WITH… the delight and ecstasy all around you. #eh

Dear Mama, Your need to do 100 things every day, all the time, is quite simply us, getting a ton of phenomenal work done in the world, through you.  You, our unique, loveable, and very willing, and able conduit.  We promise we’ll never leave you with more than you can handle.  We know you can handle a TON.   Ps. Remember to have a bath you busy busy woman.  Your human body needs love too! #eh

Dear Mama, So sweet. So kind. So free. Enjoy the journey. Play with people you love. Create community wherever you go. Bring the love and joy that you are home. Really, truly. Be. It’s delightful. Share all that you are. Rock it. Have fun and play. Be true to heart, dream and soul. Know that you are one of a kind and ready to shine. Show off. You deserve it. #eh

Dear Mama, Here’s to the best day of your life. #eh