Dear Mama, you came in many shapes and faces and I recognize you in all of them. Each soul come to give me exactly the perfect gift at the perfect moment. And I am so blessed to have you in my life in so many fantastic ways. #eh

Dear Mama, Remember there is maybe, possibly something okay on the other side of this sad. Can you open to it? #eh

Dear Mama, Have you noticed a theme? Perhaps the people you meet have a strong shared interests and cause? There is a reason for that.  So follow the flow, and let’s get into serving like THAT. #eh

Dear Mama, Learning how to take exquisite care of yourself is one of the best parts about being human. It is a delight to rub your feet Goddess. In sweet surrender. #eh

Dear Mama, You understand now that each choice carries its own energy. And you have the power and confidence in yourself to make decisions that feel PHENOMENAL for you. Invite who you want into your life and be joyfully at peace with all past actions, and all present moments. Your future is rosey for SURE. 111% guarantee. Enjoy the ride. #eh

Dear Mama, Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Today and everyday forward, live it as if you are already the most successful, loved and revered entrepreneur you already ARE. #eh

Dear Mama, With courage you invite them to say yes. And with even more courage you start, work, play, and complete the process of sending them into stardom.  This is your gift. #eh

Dear Mama, Fearless, and fearful, the journey of light and dark, you are peace and rage, stillness and action. All these are true and real on the path if Tantra. You are safe, whatever may stand in your way. #eh

Dear Mama, You have already created the life of your dreams… Once, twice, a dozen times. So know, that at any point, you can step it up a knotch.  It helps a bunch when you look around and realize you’ve already got it going on. #eh

Dear Mama, Thank you for keeping your calm, even when everything around you (okay, the kid) is being mean. I love you Lots and Lots. #eh

Dear Mama, You know from life experience that when it goes away it comes back better… So enjoy the ride and feel as good as you can in the moment (even if that’s a good cry or a great scream) and play even BIGGER. #eh

Dear Mama, You are as great and grand as you imagine and LET it happen.  So let it happen, and enjoy the ride. #eh

Dear Mama, Yes, it can be that easy. You simply open, receive and become FAR more than you could ever imagine. #eh

Dear Mama, Finding the truth of it, is not as simple as you might think, because to find the real truth, you have to live it, moment by moment, everyday of your life. So you gotta ask yourself one question. Are you committed to BLISS? #eh

Dear Mama, Yes you can ask it. Yes you can receive it. Yes you can be new. Yes you can have the empire and have it be easy and flow. And YES you need to ask for help. #eh