Dear Mama, Sweet angel, sister, friend. Our love for you is hugemungous, tremendous and unending. Welcome to unconditional Self-Love V2. Now get on your path and go darling’. #eh

Dear Mama, Third times the charm. You know what you want, and it is close enough you can almost taste it. So open to love, love your life and let it IN. #eh

Dear Mama, You’re playing small again, and it’s because you are tired. Relax, sleep and let your dreams come to you.  There is NO stopping them. #eh

Dear Mama, Your need to do 100 things every day, all the time, is quite simply us, getting a ton of phenomenal work done in the world, through you.  You, our unique, loveable, and very willing, and able conduit.  We promise we’ll never leave you with more than you can handle.  We know you can handle a TON.   Ps. Remember to have a bath you busy busy woman.  Your human body needs love too! #eh

Dear Mama, Sharing your hearts dreams, with yourself, with another, allows you to move one step closer. And then, when you are closer, you dream bigger. Have fun. Play, be merry, and LOVE. #eh

Dear Mama, Today, you showed up in pure service, this will be richly rewarded in love and care and bliss. So keep doing it. Trust the clients will roll in and be love. #eh

Dear Mama, In finishing this project and this commitment with you, we are so honoured to have worked with you to birth the next version of your divine purpose in the world. In such gratitude and love for your shining light, and in such reverence andhonor for the gift we have co birthed. Go out into the world, knowing that your brand will call you out into the darkest and lightest part of you. As it is meant to, and as you requested.  The blessing abound. #eh

Dear Mama, You know how to be love and be loved. All that you desire is literally at your fingertips and you DESERVE it ALL. Yes LOVE. Guess what is NEXT? Yes. And more. You got this. #eh

Dear Mama, Thank you for keeping your calm, even when everything around you (okay, the kid) is being mean. I love you Lots and Lots. #eh

Dear Mama, Today, seeing you stand in your power, taking the stage and making a stand for your dreams. When you shine, you shine BRIGHT dearest and we want more of your hot love and emotion. #eh

Dear Mama, Your truth is your truth, and you have reached a point where all these around you, love and respect that.Magnificent creature, spread your wings and SOAR! #eh

Dear Mama, You have a funny way of taking a break. We love you even in your constant need to be busy and full. In fact we love you MORE. Please keep following your heart and doing Evolution’s will. #eh

Dear Mama, Your sacred space is inside you. When you bring it outside, so many beautiful people benefit. How amazing to be you. Priestess that you are. Did the class today make you feel extraordinary? It should. #eh

Dear Mama, When you wonder “why me?” “how did I get so lucky?” I want you to REMEMBER the dedication to positivity, good feeling and unconditional love of yourself that is now so much a part of you, that you don’t really even really see it anymore. You’ve come a LONG way baby, and fuck yes you deserve it. #eh