Dear Mama, You’ve been hiding out for so long. Imagine what might happen when you bring the FULL you to the table and TRY…#eh

Dear Mama, You can do anything. You’ve known it since you were a young one, and it’s more true now more than ever before. It’s a matter of focus and commitment and follow through.  We know you know that, but what you don’t know is that it’s a matter of focus, commitment and follow through WITH… the delight and ecstasy all around you. #eh

Dear Mama, Today, you shone so bright and so pure,  Your LOVE, vision and inspiration brings joy to everyone who touched you. In that amazing way, you do it. #eh

Dear Mama, My favourite part about how amazing you are at creating the perfect dream come true, is that you ALWAYS get what you want. And what you think about. And you, my dear, been thinking some spectacular thoughts lately.  Oh yes. #eh

Dear Mama, You have changed SO much in the last year, revealing your true joyful self to yourself. Now you see it, and now you can REVEL in it, daily, your perfection, your power, your luxury, and your glory. Bask baby, BASK. #eh

Dear Mama, In every day, you step more and more into realizing that you create the life of your dreams, and that it is here now and today. #eh

Dear Mama, You my dear, have ovaries of steel, and also the action to back it up. In every way, you are playing a way bigger game and we are soooooooooooo proud of you. #eh

Dear Mama, You know the power that comes with a strong decision. In choosing your divine path, in facing the fear and judgement and choosing LOVE.  You create space for yourself to grow into being the woman you desire to become. #eh

Dear Mama, We are with you always.  Through all the paths, timelines and realities. You are always welcome to make sweetsweet love to us, we love it, ever single time. #eh

Dear Mama, Sweet dreams. Good night, rest the head of she who disbelieves, on a bed, and lay her lovingly to sleep. Knowing that when you both awake, the magic that awaits is Legend-(wait for it)DAIRY! #eh

Dear Mama, You transmuted pain into pleasure, yearning into bliss, loneliness into friendship. In easy moments you flip through life. Delighting in its many tastes, mixtures and interests and attitudes.  Beach Life, here we come. Let’s make this a reality. #eh

Dear Mama, You are someone to be proud of! You have accomplished more than you think you have, made more smart choices than you realize, touched more hearts than you are aware of and you have more good qualities than anyone can count which means you deserve more credit than you give yourself. #eh

Dear Mama, Go to bed. Treat tomorrow as a “sample” living day and do what you would do if life were what you dreamed it could be.  Remember to ROCK out. Love ya. #eh

Dear Mama, You have moved mountains, created your lover, designed that book cover and gotten the interview.  Life is poised at your back and call. Ask for what you want. #eh

Dear Mama, Moments of vulnerable clarity, moments of supreme bliss. These are the stuff of life, and you are the queen ofGasm – In deep Love. #eh