Dear Beloved,

When you think you are one way, you see it everywhere.

And when you change how you see yourself now, you can see that in fact that change didn’t happen all at once, not at all, in fact it was a series of improvements that slowly moved you towards this moment of clarity, this moment that is right now, when you realized that you were different than you’ve ever been, and now that you can see yourself clearly in all your glory, you can really love yourself in a way you never realized before.

Welcome to your new self. You can go ahead and celebrate now.


That pregnant women have been hit, is an abomination.  

(if you were the hand that struck, you are forgiven, I'm sorry for the pain that caused your mis-step, you likely have amends to make, do so as soon as you are able!)

That this happens at all speaks to the magnitude of the problem we have to face as men and women.  To the violence which lives within our collective human subconscious. 

It is this, that we must face, together, now.
and how it has impacted who we have become,
(as many of us were the children in those wombs)

If she was not hit, maybe she was scorned,
if she was not scorned, maybe she was taunted,
if she was not taunted, maybe she was ignored.
If she was not ignored, maybe she was alone. 

All of these are gross injustices to the support that a mother needs from her partner and her tribe.

if she was under-supported (and most mothers are)
if she was stressed in any way, instead of supported.

No matter the severity, 
These are also problems from the same source.
The unresolved pain of our ancestors. 

This we must undo within ourselves,
and then with our culture.

Standing silent is no longer an option.
The world is standing at the precipice of extinction 
for our silence and our frozen fear.
we must find the strength to do 
what we know in our hearts is right.  

We must bring back Tribe. 
We must support mothers.
We must give our children peaceful births
We must love each other, 
offer our best to each other.

(as best we can, in the moment... for we were almost all abused in some of these ways)

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 
We must be the mothers to ourselves, 
that our mothers carried too much pain to be.

We must search inside ourselves,
and end the cycles of pain that have tormented humanity 
since before any of us can consciously remember.

We must re-birth the species
In consciousness, love, light and tribe.

For this I live. 
For this I will stand tall
and risk the endless wrath of those who cannot see yet
and love them even more when they strike out
and embrace deeply those who hear 
the beating of our shared 
heart beat as one
love union

(original artwork & words by Elena Harder)
Please tag a friend who had a challenging situation while they were pregnant, a doula, midwife, or a sister/friend/brother/husband who was there for you when you needed it most.

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